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Whittard Design a Caddy Competition

在英國,Whittard也是很有名的茶店,那時候曾經很喜歡喝whittard的下午茶,但不知道是茶源或處理方式不同,後來味道不一樣了,才改喝twinings的breakfast,不過英國各大品牌都有不同的“調茶”,跟台灣傳統上更崇尚純茶(過去覺得混茶的品質比較不好的緣故)不一樣,西方會把各種不同的茶混調加上其他東西(例如花草)來製造不同的味道,忘記叫什麼,他們有調出一種不加奶就有奶香的茶,印象也很深刻,而在留學的時期,的確國外的包裝設計還是比國內要好很多,有時候覺得Fortnum & Mason之高貴大部分也在於精美的包裝(喝過台灣好茶的人表示他們的茶實在還好),看到whittard辦比賽的時候,也就開心的畫了


Earl Grey 伯爵茶

While the drawing joins from a rectangle to a cylinder, characters in the drawing can finally be on one table and meet each other.

Design Concept:

I believe any chance with people at one table and enjoy the time is not a granted usual but a kind of moment that deserve precious. And a tea time is perfect to bring people together. So the twist of mine is not talking about some unexpectable surprise happened at tea time but focus on a slight twist to remind some little miracle that people usually miss on their rapid modern life

Jasmine 茉莉

Setting that people can imagine either a story about: During the moment she smells the fragrance of Jasmine tea, it brings her back her youth or The spring she met her love at first sight.

Inspire by the reputation of Jasmine tea in

Chinese tea culture that have the reputation of “can

smell the spring.”

Piccadilly Blend 皮卡迪里

They carefully step on full house of flowers and finally meet together.

Get Inspired

People who have this caddy can hold it in their hand and turn 90° clock wise

enjoy the story by slowly spin the caddy.

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